Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mark-10 Partners with the NYPD

How much force should be required to pull the trigger on a gun? Although the debate continues, the NYPD requires that the firearms they issue to their officers require a higher than normal amount of force, in order to decrease accidental gun discharges. The NYPD’s Firearms Laboratory modifies off-the-shelf guns, but their method of testing the actual trigger force has been cumbersome and prone to inconsistencies.

In previous years, trigger pull force was tested by hanging a predetermined weight on the trigger. Lab personnel were instructed to hold the gun body in the upright position. If the trigger did not engage at that preset weight, the firearm was deemed acceptable. NYPD lab personnel ultimately found the varying results of this test unreliable.

Today, the NYPD has partnered with Mark-10 to implement a better and more reliable process. We worked closely with the NYPD to develop a customized firearm test stand. It accommodates a variety of gun types and sizes. The stand also allows the Firearms Laboratory to measure trigger forces in a controlled manner.

Our solution delivered repeatable test results and when transmitted to a PC, also provided additional statistics and data. We found that more information could be derived from this type of test, as opposed to a pass/fail result. We are pleased that, in this small way, we’ve helped the NYPD reduce the occurrence of unintentional gun discharge and potentially save lives in the process.

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