Monday, October 19, 2015

Quality Control in Food Processing and Packaging Industries

September was “National Food Safety Month” in the U.S. This 30-day event reminds us of the importance of food safety in more than one way. Although the food itself is of the utmost importance, quality control in the food processing and packaging are of the same rank. National Food Safety Month reinforces the message that effective quality control measures are needed to ensure food safety.

Now that we’ve hit October, it’s important to remember that food safety and quality control are necessary throughout the year, and here at Mark-10 we’d like to remind folks that we can help out on the quality control side. In recent months, the topic of food safety has been at the forefront of the industry and customers alike, with widely publicized recalls related to food packaging malfunctions, contamination, and other safety issues. One example is last month’s recall of cheese slices. Another example is the recall of ice cream products earlier this year.

The topic of food safety needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis. What specific steps can
professionals within the food industries take now? Food industry professionals are advised to review food safety strategies to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Additional advice suggests that food safety professionals take the time to create “a written food safety plan that identifies and evaluates known or reasonably foreseeable hazards for each type of food manufactured, processed, packed or held at the facility.”

Quality control should be at the heart of any safety plan. It can be achieved and maintained in food processing and packaging by implementing preventive controls to monitor and perform verification activities, confirming controls are working properly. A few examples of preventive controls would be process controls, recall plans, and testing.

On the testing side, Mark-10 can help with a range of force and torque measurement solutions for applications including food ripeness and hardness, package peel testing, bottle cap torque testing, tensile testing of packaging materials, and many others. From handheld force and torque gauges to complete PC-controlled motorized systems, Mark-10 products are at home in laboratories as well as production lines. Click here to learn how Mark-10 can help you in your food and beverage testing applications.