Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mark-10 Launches New Motorized Test Stand

At Mark-10 we are always working to offer our customers the best force and torque measurement equipment, which is why we’re announcing our newest motorized test stand, the ESM303. This new stand replaces our ESM301 Motorized Test Stand and offers several improvements and enhancements over the ESM301.

The ESM303 Motorized Test Stand features a column that completely encloses the motor, which significantly reduces noise, offers improved aesthetics, and has a more rigid column to reduce deflection under load. We have also internalized and streamlined the cable connections for a clean, ergonomic look. The gauge interface cable attaches directly to the crosshead, and powers the gauge so no AC adapter is needed. We have also included a USB output so a USB converter is no longer needed.

The current position is now memorized between power cycles. The ASCII command set for PC control now includes all Mark-10 force gauge commands. The control panel has dedicated FollowMe™ and Zero Travel buttons and the FollowMe™ function moves the crosshead at a variable rate of speed, proportional to the amount of force applied by hand to the force gauge’s load cell. The available Profiles option allows the user to save, name, and recall up to 50 test setups (i.e. speeds, distance limits, cycles, etc.). Additionally, the controller mounts to the side of the column and can be easily removed for remote operation.

The overall height of the ESM303 is similar to the ESM301 but the new stand features a modular mechanical design that allows for single- and double-column extensions to accommodate a variety of applications.

To learn more about the new ESM303 Motorized Test Stand, visit our website. We post more company news on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.