Monday, May 12, 2014

Manual vs. Motorized Test Stands

At Mark-10, we offer a range of force and torque measurement test stands to suit a variety of applications, including manual and motorized options.

Our manual test stands allow users to reduce variability inherent in hand testing by properly aligning a force gauge and grips or fixtures.  Manual test stands are an ideal option for budget-minded applications that require a bit more consistency than hand operated tension or compression force measurements.

For the most consistency between tests, a motorized test stand’s programmable speed is an ideal solution. Such stands can also be fitted with an internal scale for displacement measurement, be controlled by a PC, and perform a number of automated functions, thereby increasing testing efficiency and throughput. Our motorized stands can perform a wide range of compression and tension test applications. When fitted with an appropriate force gauge, output of force vs. time or force vs. distance via USB is possible.

Manual and motorized test stands are available in several force ranges up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN). We supply an extensive selection of grips and fixtures, serving the medical device, automotive, packaging, and many other industries. To learn more about each of our manual and motorized test stands use our test stand comparison chart to find the one that works best for your applications.