Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lightweighting in the Auto Industry

Auto manufacturers have been exploring the trend of lightweighting to help reduce vehicle weight in order to meet new efficiency standards. Many automakers such as Ford are looking to replace steel bodies with aluminum bodies, first with its F-150 pickup, and now on to other vehicles as well. Toyota has also announced that it will use aluminum in its high-volume models as early as 2016. Other materials under increasing consideration include magnesium as well as plastics.

With this trend, extensive testing is critical. Engineers must ensure that these new materials are as strong and durable as traditional ones, while preserving or enhancing the driving dynamics of the vehicle. At Mark-10, our range of force and torque measurement products may be used for a variety of important tests, such as tensile, break, three-point bend, torsion, and others. Mark-10 systems are modular and can be configured via a wide range of force and torque gauges, test stands, attachments, and software. Our systems are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, as well as aerospace, packaging, medical device, and other areas.

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