Monday, March 10, 2014

Mark-10 Debuts The 1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand

We’re excited to announce the introduction of our newest product, the ESM1500 motorized test stand. This single-column force tester is ideal for numerous tension and compression measurement requirements up to 1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN in laboratory and production environments. Unique FollowMe force-based positioning allows the user to manually position the crosshead by simply pulling and pushing on the load cell.

The ESM1500 boasts generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions, accommodating a wide range of applications such as break testing, loadholding, tensile testing, compression testing, and more.

The test stand is customizable; controller functions are offered individually through our “build-your-own” configuration platform. Users can order any combination of functions, and any functions not ordered originally can be activated in the field.

Standard features include:
·         Compatible with indicators and load cells, as well as force gauges
·         Adjustable, removal controller with intuitive menu navigation
·         Password protection of test parameters
·         Stepper motor-driven, producing smooth and quiet operation with no speed variation under load
·         USB output of force vs. time or force vs. distance
·         Compact footprint, suitable for crowded workbenches
·         Ergonomic design, with smart, clean cable management
·         Most electronics are housed in an integrated removable enclosure, easily removed and transported

To see a full list of specifications, features, and additional functions, visit our website.