Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Packaging Made of Both Rigid and Flexible Materials

Ana’s Food of Austin recently became the first commercial customer in North America to use both rigid and flexible material. The container features a square, injection-molded tub with flared sides that are made from rigid polypropylene posts. Then four panels of flexible and printable PP material are fused to the posts to create the sides of the container.

The company’s main objective in reformatting its packaging was to improve the sustainability and the new container uses up to 50% less plastic than regular salsa tubs. The polypropylene container is also 100% recyclable and the new design allows for easy stacking which can help reduce costs in shipping and stocking.

The trend for more sustainable packaging seems to be continuing to grow as we previously wrote a blog post about the market, which is predicted to reach $244 billion by 2018. Food manufacturers and packaging companies must ensure that the lighter packaging will still meet quality regulations as well as customers’ expectations. At Mark-10 we manufacture force and torque measurement products that not only test to ensure that the packaging will securely hold the contents but also that consumers will be able to easily open the package.

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