Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mark-10 Publishes New Catalog

At Mark-10 we’ve been busy unveiling new products, such as our ESM303 motorized test stand and WT3-201M motorized wire crimp pull tester. These new additions prompted us to update our catalog as well, with lots of information about our full line of digital force and torque gauges, test stands, wire crimp pull testers, ergonomics testing kits, software, grips and attachments, and accessories. Readers will see full specifications of our products, including specifications and dimensional drawings.

We’ve also included more information about the Mark-10 story, including our history, and unique engineering, manufacturing, and support capabilities. Examples of industries and applications are described, such as peel, tensile, compression, and many others in the automotive, medical device, packaging, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and sporting goods areas.

Mark-10 has been designing and manufacturing force and torque measurement solutions since 1979. As we continue to enhance and expand our product line, we’ll continue to update our customers on our Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We encourage readers to follow us as we have several more announcements planned for this year.

To learn more about Mark-10 and to request a catalog, visit our website.