Tuesday, November 5, 2013

United States Healthcare Reform and What it Means for Medical Startups

Healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act have been major buzzwords in the media for some time now. People are getting more familiar with the new system as time passes, but one facet in particular hasn’t gotten as much attention – the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on health startups.

In addition to opportunities for new health insurance companies, medical technology startups are also benefitting in this new healthcare landscape. A recent article in MedCity News provided a run-down of benefits for medtech startups in the age of healthcare reform.

Because hospitals now have more incentive to keep patients healthier and decrease readmissions, the need for wearable and remote monitoring tools is expected to rise sharply. These advanced medical monitoring devices will allow doctors to read vitals and track metrics without patients needing to leave home.

New telemedicine innovations are also expected to see increasing demand, as doctors leverage technology to keep tabs on patients, rather than scheduling in-office visits for regular updates. As discussed in the article, this can be especially useful for those who live far away from their primary care physicians and aren’t in need of urgent care.

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