Friday, October 14, 2011

Engineered Better - More Than Just A Slogan

In designing our all new Plug & TestTM family of digital force/torque indicators and remote sensors, we did more than just redesign our BGI indicator. The BGI was an industry innovation when it took the market by storm almost two decades ago, and continues to serve many industries and applications today. It introduced the concept of "plug and play" interchangeable external sensors. The idea caught on quickly, and others attempted to replicate it. The BGI and its imitators used a simple DB-9, DB-15, or other type of common connection between sensor and indicator. A simple upgrade of the electronics and display could have sufficed, but our engineers again thought outside the box.

Firstly, why should the customer be forced to purchase a full-featured, sophisticated indicator with a sensor, when all they need is basic functionality, such as peak capture? If they don't need to calculate the average load over time, save data memory, use external trigger mode, or a number of other advanced functions, why should they have to pay for it? Enter our Models 5i and 3i indicators - the 5i for those seeking the most advanced solution, and the 3i for those with more modest requirements. They are priced according to their abilities - $895 for the 5i, and $545 for the 3i - the force measurement industry's lowest cost indicator. Our range of force and torque sensors covers up to 10,000 lbF (50 kN) of force and 5,000 lbFin (550 Nm) of torque, and any sensor is compatible with either indicator.

Secondly, although that DB-15 plastic connector did work just fine in the past, we wanted to introduce something that would once again set the industry standard. Enter the Plug & TestTM connector - a machined aluminum connector shaped to match the contour of the indicator itself, then sandblasted, nickel plated for a satiny finish. The connector locks into the housing of either the 5i or 3i indicator with an authoritative "click". Spring-loaded dual buttons on the housing indicator release the connector for easy removal.

These are but two more examples of Mark-10's continuous focus on engineering. We always strive to develop solutions that satisfy customers' requirements in an elegant and attractive package. In the case of Plug & TestTM, we think you'll agree!