Monday, August 3, 2015

Using Force Measurement to Ensure Product Integrity

Mark-10 force testers can be used in a variety of industries. We focus heavily on uses in the packaging, medical, and automotive industries, but did you know that our products have also been used to test the integrity of candle wicks?

A candle manufacturer approached Mark-10 when they needed to improve their production process to help minimize rework and recalls. When a candle is made, the wick must be centered and straight throughout the entire profile of the candle to ensure the candle burns evenly. Most candles have a wick secured to a metal clip crimped to one end, which helps to stabilize the wick during the candle manufacturing process. Tension is applied to the free end of the wick during the wax solidification process to ensure it stays centered. However, the tension could end up separating the wick from the clip, resulting in a manufacturing failure and lost product. 

To help the candle manufacturer reduce these failures, Mark-10 supplied a pull tester that measured the force required to separate the candle wick from the clip. The tester then transmits the data to a PC for further analysis, which helped the candle manufacturer improve quality and consistency of their products.

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